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Do your trees look like they need a trim?

Sometimes your trees need to be pruned for their own good. Whether it's for aesthetic reasons or to ensure the survival of a tree and the plants surrounding it, regular pruning is one of the best ways to care for your tree. Three major types of tree pruning are used.

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Crown Lifting

\Are overhanging branches becoming a problem? Giving your trees a crown lift can help by removing low hanging branches that could be getting in the way or dangerous. It will increase ground clearance and provide better access to the tree, which can help light to better reach the flowers beneath and help them to grow.

Crown Thinning

Light not reaching the ground properly? If the branches in the tree are too thick, crown lifting may not be enough - your tree may need crown thinning. This will involve removing diseased wood, crossed and rubbing branches and then maybe some general pruning as well. The reduced density of the branches will allow light to better reach the ground without changing the overall shape of the tree.

Crown Reduction

Crown lifting or crown thinning not enough? More extensive pruning may be required. This can also be used if a tree is misshapen , or if it's in danger of falling and becoming an obstruction or danger. The pruning will reduce the tree's weight and tidy it up, preventing it from being a danger to both people and to itself.

Tree pruning not enough? Sometimes a tree just needs to be removed. We can help you decide what to do

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